How Your Favorite Poker Pros Spent Their Christmas

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:

What did your favorite poker pros do this Christmas?  Let's take a look.

Phil Hellmuth spent the Christmas holiday away from his young son, who has Swine Flu. 

"I wanted to drink heavily last night because he sick, but (only) had 3."

Maria Ho: "Morning mass w/the family at the church where my sister sings.  Gotta luv Xmas time in Cali."

Christina Lindley spent Christmas worrying about her mother's attempt to cook.

"My mom never cooks. She's baking potatoes...sticks fork in 1 and it explodes. She runs away.... screaming "that's why I don't cook!"

Her mom also washed the cat in the sink and blow dried him.

Annie Duke received a book from her mum about evolution.

"Got the best gift ever from my mom the crazy, desecrated version of Origin of Species that Kirk Cameron gave away. Good part: one less person who might fall for it. Bad part: spent Xmas morning reading it getting enraged."

David Williams made a snowman (pictured).

Tiffany Michelle was snuggling with someone in Aspen.

Vanessa Rousso spent Christmas Eve in the hospital with food poisoning.

Ace King, Gambling911.com