High Stakes Poker Season 7: Daniel Negreanu Joins the Lineup

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
High Stakes Poker Season 7:

High Stakes Poker Season 7 continues to chug along despite the indictments of three giants in the online poker sector April 15.  The show’s ratings, however, have struggled.  On this weekend’s episode, Daniel Negreanu joined the lineup.

Probably the most heart-racing moment of this past weekend’s show a la PocketFives.com:

In the largest pot of the episode, Negreanu raised to $3,000 before the flop with J-10 of hearts and Klein 3bet to $13,500 with pocket sixes. Galfond came along with pocket threes and Negreanu obliged as well to see a flop of 8-7-3. It was a jackpot flop for Galfond, who counted out $22,500 in chips with bottom set. Negreanu folded and Klein called with his pocket pair to bring a five on the turn.

Galfond pushed out another healthy bet, this time $61,000, and Klein called with an open-ender. The river was a king and Galfond insta-shoved for $134,000. In response, Klein tanked and ultimately got out of the way. Before Galfond’s shove, the pot was worth $204,000.

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- Ace King, Gambling911.com