High Stakes Poker: Negreanu Continues Losing Streak

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Episode 5 of what has already been a gripping series of High Stakes Poker aired yesterday. We have already seen the explosive qualities of Tom ‘Durrrr' Dwan last week, who threw Barry Greenstein off A-A and Peter Eastgate off 4-2 on a board of 2-10- 2 with a powerful raise.

Daniel Negreanu continued his dismal losing streak, having been stacked by David Benyamine when his J-J came up against Quad 4's last week. Negreanu raised to $3,000 with 9-10 of clubs and was called by Dwan, who had 8-7. Elezra made it $11,000 holding pocket aces and both of his opponents called. The flop came Q-2-4 with two clubs and Elezra led out for $17,000.Holding a flush draw, and willing to gamble, Negreanu raised to $44,100, Dwan got out of the way, Elezra made it $119,100, and Negreanu shoved for $226,300. Having invested only $47,000, Negreanu could easily have folded to Elezra's monster re-raise, but, perhaps willing to chase his already significant losses on the show, elected to gamble. The players agreed to run the board twice, meaning in order to scoop the entire pot, a player must win both boards. The first came the five of diamonds and six of spades, a win for Elezra. The second board ran out the three of spades and jack of spades, giving Elezra the massive $487,100 pot.

Next week promises to be even feistier, with Greenstein and Dwan set for another epic showdown in a hand that host Kaplan claimed, ‘would be talked about forever'. The old stalwart and young gun have already clashed heads, with Dwan taking a sick beat with A-A against Barry's J-9. Having hit a 9, Greenstein spiked two pair on the turn, after both players had declared all in on the flop.