Full Tilt Poker Cashouts for Canadians Equals Slooooow: Players Fear Being Screwed

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Ace King
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It’s not just US players waiting forever to get paid by Full Tilt Poker.  Gambling911.com has previously reported on how Brazilian players have experienced tremendous delays in recent weeks.  Brazil is considered the sixth largest online poker playing nation in the world.  Now Canadians are experiencing the same types of excruciating delays.

Canadian poker player The Jayman on TwoPlusTwo.com writes:

The first bank transfer I was approved instantly and my funds were in my bank account the next day. The second withdraw I have been waiting since June 4th to get approved.

AM_A_DONK, another Canadian Full Tilt Poker player, writes: 

Still waiting for 15 days for MB cash out requested on June 5th (morning)... status still at processing. I emailed FTP support 5 times...almost the same meaningless answer every time with small changes... "We are working as a top priority to send your funds in a timely manner"...they even said "In an efficient manner" !! What's efficient there fk!!!

I dont think i'll get back there anytime soon!

Bad management, worst customers support on earth (or online)!!

Payment processing should not be an issue in Canada where there have been zero prosecutions related to online poker or online gambling as a whole.

In fact, during a recent visit to Toronto, Gambling911.com Publisher Chris Costigan was advised by the head of airport that online gambling is not illegal in Canada.

So why the delays in payment for Canadian citizens?

Full Tilt Poker isn’t talking.  But last we checked more than 8500 real cash players were still doing business with the company worldwide, so apparently a lot of people don’t care what is going on or are otherwise in denial.

Gambling911.com has been following Full Tilt Poker complaints for multiple years now.  Approximately one in every ten search inquiries coming to the site on Tuesday involved something along the lines of “Full Tilt Poker” and “When Will I Get Paid” or “Cashouts”. 

- Ace King, Gambling911.com