Doyle Brunson Twitter Breakdown: Boots 200 Followers

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Doyle Brunson

Okay so poker legend Doyle Brunson isn’t having a nervous breakdown….he’s just cleaning house it seems.

In recent days, the Texas Dolly has come under attack by stalkers and other degenerates on his Twitter page, which amazingly has some 360,990 followers.   

The result:  Brunson’s had to block some 200 people. 

“Let me be as clear as possible also. I'm blocking your stupid ass. you are obviously a big time loser,” Brunson wrote on his Twitter page, lashing out at one of his stalkers.

The individual Brunson blocked had originally tweeted this to him: “Let me be clear as possible: You're an a**hole. F*** you.”

Another person tweeted this to Doyle: “You sir are an idiot”.

A reason for the vitriol was not immediately known.

Brunson will get some much needed rest and relaxation in Costa Rica over the next couple of days.

- Ace King,