David Rheem Officially Clear to Play at 2008 World Series of Poker Final

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C Costigan
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David Rheem, one of nine individuals slated to sit at this November's final table of the 2008 World Series of Poker, has been cleared by the Hollywood, Florida Police Department.

Gambling911.com received final verification of this on Wednesday after some confusion over how his name may have appeared in the police system.

Lt. Marino of the Hollywood Police confirmed that the "trespassing" offense against Rheem first reported in the Sun Sentinel was not something that would lead his department to arrest the poker player during the WSOP live event. The charges were filed shortly after Mr. Rheem finished serving probation for an unrelated felony larceny conviction.

"There would be no reason for Florida to extradite David on this offense seeing that it's considered a misdemeanor and was given a ‘notice to appear' (ticket) which probably entailed some fines to pay," Lt. Marino told Gambling911's Jenny Woo.

Details of the incident in question emerged on Wednesday.

"It was a misdemeanor trespassing charge where a security guard might of asked Mr.
Rheem to leave the property and when Mr. Rheem did not the security guard
called the Hollywood P.D," Woo explained. "It was also explained to me that he had
called the arresting officer who now lives in Georgia and the arresting officer explained that it was in fact a misdemeanor."

Ms. Woo was also informed that Rheem "probably already took care of this issue by paying any outstanding fines since there are no active warrants out for him in the system."