Celebrity Apprentice Finalist Annie Duke Trashes Donald Trump

Written by:
Jordan Bach
Published on:
Annie Duke Donald Trump

Second season Celebrity Apprentice finalist Annie Duke, who lost out to comedian Joan Rivers, expressed her disgust with Donald Trump’s recent “birther” assertions and insistence that President Barack Obama release his college grades after hearing he may have been “a bad student”.  Trump is toying with the idea of running for US President in 2012.  He is expected to make his decision shortly.  Trump would likely run as a Republican and currently leads in the polls among Republicans.

Annie Duke tweeted on Sunday afternoon:

I've come to realize, given Trump's recent actions and decisions, how proud I am he didn't pick me to win Apprentice. Wearing that w/honor.

The poker pro and Rivers engaged in a contentious personal war of words throughout the season.  Rivers once compared Duke to Hitler while daughter Melissa called the poker maven a “Whore pit viper”. 

The feud, which seemed to carry on beyond the show, is widely believed to help the show’s ratings.   

- Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com


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