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John “Nicolak” Kim joined CardRunners today as a mid to high stakes cash instructor. He’s been a winning professional poker player since 1998, and over the past two years alone has over $600k in cash winnings. His first video, released today, features Nicolak four-tabling $5-$10 six-max NLHE. He already appears on CardRunners as a co-host of the bi-weekly strategy podcast Cash Plays, with Jeremiah Smith.

An excerpt from John Nicolak’s introductory interview on CardRunners:

What qualities do you possess that contribute most to your success?

I think I have to say humility, awareness, and emotional control. Humility to understand that I’m never too good for the game and need to constantly keep getting better to keep up w/ the kids nowadays (man I sound old), awareness of the landscape of poker and how it’s changing all the time, also being aware of everything going on at the tables, and emotional control to allow me to keep playing my A game constantly even during the bad streaks.

What are some concepts you plan to cover in your videos?

My game is tailored more to postflop play as I like to see a lot of flops, so I’ll try to focus on postflop play. I’ll discuss ways to outthink and stay one level ahead of the other regulars in the games because that’s essentially what’s necessary to beat mid to higher stakes games nowadays. Also, I’ll relay thoughts and insight on not only how to beat the games today, but for the long run.

What’s been your poker highlight?

I’d point out my $250k win in a Party Poker tournament back in 2005 as my single best highlight. Overall though, I’d say the fact that I was able to win more money every year 10 years in a row from 1998 to 2008 as my best poker achievement. I decided to take it easy in 2009 after the decade of poker.

About CardRunners: CardRunners, founded in 2005, is the world leader in poker training with nearly 2,000 training videos for all stakes and games, active strategy forums, an instructor/member blog network, and weekly podcasts.  Join CardRunners using Promo Code (ALUCK) for discounted subscriptions.

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