PointsBet Tweets Out Leaked Doc 'From NBA' Purporting to Show Upcoming Game Outcomes

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Nagesh Rath
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What on God's green earth are these PointsBet people thinking this time.  The site posted what it claims is a "leaked" NBA script that features scripted outcomes of games.

Presumably the idea behind this "leaked" NBA Communications is to provide PointsBet customers with inside information so that they can crush the books.  We have no idea if they came up with this document themselves or simply found it and decided to post the communication for their customers.  Please don't think for a moment this actually originated with the NBA.  It did not!

We're sure they are hopeful their customers will wager big money on these otherwise unimaginable outcomes at PointsBet.  They'll make special exceptions to lift folks limits too.

One entry for the fake doc:

Nikola Jokic to score 40 point triple double in Game 3 win 5/20/23 (please refer to NBA Referees Game Flow Management document).

Another discusses how the Lakers will beat the Celtics in the NBA Finals on June 18, 2023.

Again, we can't emphasize enough here, a regulated sportsbook, PointsBet, posted this on their Twitter page.


There are more references to NBA Referees Game Flow Management.

The "leaked" document features the following at the bottom: "This document, and all information contained within, is strictly confidential.  It is intended solely for the use of The National Basketball Association (NBA) officials, its affiliates, and the recipient(s) named.  Any disclosure, copying, distribution, or any action taken, or omitted to be taken, in reliance on the content of this document without express written approval from the NBA executive board is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

Oh, there is outrage....as one might expect.

"Would be great if a state regulator lit their ass up for this, before they turn the lights out over there," tweeted Sports Betting Hall of Fame inductee Joe Brennan, Jr.

He was referring to the news this week that Fanatics is looking to acquire PointsBet's assets.  Fanatics is taking heat for offering a free bet to those who purchase select merchandise from their website.

"Wtf….how stupid is their ad agency?!", asked our friend Jackie Clevfan.

And we all knew this one was coming....

Michael D. May tweeted:

"This is one of 7 or 8 books in WV and they started limiting me after one month of opening my account. Their reason for limiting me...they said I was betting CBB lines that were off compared to other books. Now I can only bet $1.20 on any sport."

That's Michael's fault that their odds are "off"?

PointsBet had previously come under intense criticism for featuring a prank video of former Saints quarterback Drew Brees getting struck by lightning during a commercial shoot.  It was broadcast over the internet prior to any of Brees' friends and family members being notified of the gag.

Just so we are perfectly clear, the document PointsBet posted is NOT from the NBA and it is NOT real. 

Gambling911.com has reached out to the NBA for comment.


Admittedly, probably none of us really follow the PointsBet Twitter feed.

But would it surprise anybody if we told you this was not the first time PointsBet pulled this stunt?

Witness the Super Bowl "leaked" document below.

This one stayed clear of using NFL trademarks or referencing the league as the source.


- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com

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