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Jagajeet Chiba
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For anyone looking to go with an outsource bookmaking business or sportsbook, look no further than, a global leader in the Per Head sector.


Why Outsource Your Bookie Business

It is no longer a sustainable business model to sit with a pad and pencil and try to mark down bets and figure out line when your competition is using software that allows players to wager on games live in-play, not to mention on dozens of different sports, some you may not have ever heard of (yes you can bet on snooker and darts).

The Pay Per Head will charge a small weekly fee per player and in return they provide everything from odds to a customized website to 24 hour customer service as well as full reporting.  Companies like even offer a live dealer casino and race book, all for as low as $3 per head.

A large number of US companies outsource a portion of their business, mainly the call center.  In that sense, this concept is no different.  English and Spanish speaking customer service reps are available at AcePerHead.  Some PPH businesses employ those who speak Vietnamese and Mandarin as well.

"Outsourcing sportsbooks is easy and efficient," notes.  "You get all these features for one low price, and the pros design an attractive, sleek, and expert-run site. You don’t need to waste any time, and the site you get will be specially tailored to the needs of online bookie agents like you."

You Remain in Control

AcePerHead is one of the top promoters of the PPH transfer.  This means that you can move your entire player base from another Pay Per Head business to theirs in under an hour.

Not that it's ever going to happen but if for some reason you become dissatisfied with AcePerHead, you can move your players out.  Bottom line is you retain your player base.

A personal example of how this process works:  Two years ago we decided to move control of our condo association accounting from a management company to an actual accounting firm. The new accounting firm did much of the legwork while Yours Truly oversaw the process.  However, we still had to make sure the monies flowed smoothly.  We still maintained our regular vendors.  Unfortunately we also had to keep a few of the owners we'd rather not have transferred over but at least you as the bookie has the option of giving your players the boot.

As the bookie, you have full control over the money.  The only funds the PPH company sees is your weekly fees.  That's one gigantic headache YOU don't have to worry about. 

"When you work with Ace Per Head, you still retain total control over your lines and players. You can also choose what limits to place on bettors and how to reward your most loyal gamblers.

"This means that you don’t lose the power to build your brand exactly as you want to. You can still make a lot of money, offer betting options on your favorite events and players, and decide on what your skin will look like."

Oh, and did we mention you can do all your work from the beach or bar?

"No more excuses, this is the year you finally start your own business and become your own boss. Set your own hours, work from wherever you happen to be and make more money than you make in your current job."

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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