Novomatic Introduces a New Form of Bingo Gaming to the Asia Pacific Market

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Novomatic AG is one of the companies that recently made a contribution to the popularisation of bingo worldwide. Although the Austrian firm has a lot of experience in the development of gaming equipment, they weren't famous outside Europe. However, all of that changed thanks to their video bingo electronic game.

The gaming feature is distributed under the “Otium” brand of the company. The developers of Novomatic are very proud of their product. As the game became a surprise hit in the Pacific Part of Asia, the company claimed a spot in the casino sector of the region. There's a lot of potential for business expansion, as the Novomatic developers are ready to introduce other gaming products to their Asian customers.


Casino Conference & Trade Show in Macau

Last year, Lawrence Levy, the vice president of the company, attended the annual edition of Global Gaming Expo in Macau. Novomatic was proud to be a part of the casino conference and trade show, which is one of the biggest events for the top operators of the industry. At the Global Gaming Expo, Lawrence Levy gave an interview for GGRAsia regarding the breakthrough of his company in Southeast Asia.

The VP of Novomatic stated that the Otium bingo products have created a lot of opportunities for global sales in the Pacific. Even the game developers didn't expect for their creation to achieve such popularity. After the introduction of the video bingo, the local gambling operators started to compete against each another for the rights to include the product in their gaming portfolio.   

All in all, casino operators can offer two options to the customers. On the one hand are the complex types of gambling that require skills, but on the other hand are the easier ones - about luck. Regarding the second option, you can check the new online bingo variations at the best internet operators. By developing an interactive lottery feature, Novomatic made the right offer to the Southeast betting market.

The activity of the Austrian game developer in 2016 was not limited only to the countries in Asia, as the company achieved a lot of success in Europe as well. Some Spanish gaming operators are among the European partners of Novomatic. In September 2016 the Austrian game developer managed to acquire 60 percent of the stakes of OtiumGI SL, a video bingo company located in Barcelona.


Classification of the Gaming Features

Novomatic claims that their brand of Otium games belongs to “Class II” machine sector. These gaming products have a particular usage outside the realm of casino betting, which is heavily commercialized. Professionals are referring to that sector of the industry as “Class III”. The two categories are often used in the USA to describe the main differences between the two types of gaming machines in the country and their electronic software.

Video terminals for lottery games are operated from a central computer system. The gaming option allows coordination of data between the gaming devices, which are typical for the tribal casinos in North America. When it comes to video slot machines, there is no coordinating system. Each gaming device operates via random number generator. The slot machines are quite common in the commercialized casinos of the USA.

The Class II and Class III gaming terms can also relate to gambling in the UK. If you check the TopBingoWebsites reviews for online slot and bingo games, which are very popular among British gamblers, you will notice that the operating systems work just like the ones in America. Still, there is no precise classification as to which of the two niches they belong.

Lawrence Levy also said that Novomatic designed a simple bingo feature that is currently a part of the Class II betting market. However, the company has bigger plans. The VP stated that the goal of the Austrian game developer is to certify the game of Otium for Class III. The reason is the huge interest in the third sector of the Asia Pacific markets.


The Philippines at the Asia Pacific Market

The platform of the bingo game has many features that promise the gamblers a lot of entertainment. The gaming quality is excellent, the software is very customer-friendly and the gameplay is easy to understand. For the players who can't get enough of bingo, there are also bonus games.

According to the executive of the Austrian firm, the market of the Philippines has proven to be very interesting. The size and the fast development of the gambling industry in the region are the main advantages that got the attention of Novomatic and other companies. With its integrated resorts, bingo and slot arcades the market of the Philippines has a lot to offer. Therefore the Austrian firm is working on distributing more gaming option to the local casino operators.

When talking about the Asia Pacific market, Lawrence Levy noted that he is confident in the development opportunities for Novomatic. The VP knows that the company is one of the strongest game developers in Europe, but expanding its reach requires new customers around the world.

The head of global sales mentioned that when it comes to the Pacific part of Asia, achieving that goal is about targeting the right kind of products. That means offering games that suit the players of the region, which won't be an easy task considering the variety of markets in the Southeast of the continent. Bingo is just a small part of the whole picture.


Acquisition of Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd

GGRAsia asked the VP a question about the strategy of Novomatic by comparing it to the one used on Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd. The latter company is an Australian slot machine maker. One year ago, in June 2016, the shareholders of the firm agreed to sell a majority of their stakes to Novomatic. The Integration process is about to be completed in October 2017.

Lawrence Levy believes that the two game developers have enough synergy to work together. Since there are different markets in the world, both companies can learn from each other by exchanging experience. The partnership will be of major importance for spreading other betting games besides bingo in Asia.

Novomatic may be strong in business areas where Ainsworth Game isn't, but the same goes the other way around. The VP said that both sides must take part in content sharing for the acquisition process to give positive results in the upcoming years.



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