Pacman Dishes on Rodgers, Jameis Winston to Jets, Travis Hunter in NFL and Bad QBs

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Pacman Jones has had some kind of week.

He was scheduled to fly to New York and cheer on his Super Bowl pick, the Jets (now at 24-1 odds to win it), in the season's first MNF game, but an electrical misunderstanding pulled the plug on that journey. is producing Pacman's show, and you can find the full Week 2 show below.

A consummate professional, Mr. Jones continued with his media duties yesterday, filming "Runnin' It Back with Pac + Zach." Pacman is his usual open-book self during the videocast, making some bold statements during the show's second episode.

Pacman was confident that the Jets wouldn't sign another quarterback to compete with Zach Wilson, and that he thinks Aaron Rodgers will take on role of offensive coordinator after he undergoes surgery.

"I don't think New York needs another quarterback," Jones said. "After surgery, I think Aaron Rodgers will be somewhere in the booth calling plays.

"You forget that in the preseason, Aaron Rodgers was calling plays and Zach Wilson was playing. I think Zach Wilson is going to be good this year because of the training with Aaron Rodgers. I truly believe with the mentoring [Aaron Rodgers] has done, Zach Wilson is the guy."

When asked if the Jets should trade for a proven, veteran quarterback like Jameis Winston, Jones said, "I love Jameis, I love Jameis...but I'm nervous about how many picks he'd throw."

Pacman had some choice words about a couple of starting quarterbacks as well. He compared Kirk Cousins to Andy Dalton, and questioned his ability as a leader in the locker room.

"He don't practice on Tuesday," Jones said. "It's hard to be really good, and say that you're ‘leading a team,’ if you don't practice on Tuesday."

Jones also spoke about the inconsistency at the QB position in Tennessee last week and going back to last season, saying, "…the offense is not clicking over there in Tennessee, I think the quarterback thing is an issue."

Finally, Pacman, who is good friends with Deion Sanders, made a bold prediction about the future of Colorado's all-world two-way player, Travis Hunter. He said Hunter could step in right now and be either a No. 1 cornerback or No. 1 wide receiver in the NFL.

In other fun content created by BetOnline, the company is running a season-long NFL picks competition between one of its oddsmakers and ChatGPT-4, selecting every game against the spread.

In Week 1, man bested the bot with ease. Adam Burns, Sportsbook Manager at, went 9-7 picking all 16 games against the spread, while ChatGPT went a woeful 4-12 against the spread.

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