Using Poker Strategy to Empower Women, Video SEO Techniques and Coinbase Sues SEC

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Ivonne Montealegre is the brains behind the Malta Poker Festival, taking place this week.  Ivonne is also a good friend of the website. The Costa Rican transplant talks poker strategy, sisterhood and her love of the island nation of Malta with the Times of Malta.

“I settled in Malta around 2012, after a Swedish client advised me to move here," Montrealegre tells the Malta Times.  She started playing poker in her 20's.  "The island turned out to be the perfect location for the festival. I mean, look at all this,” – she sweeps her arms across the panoramic vista right across Portomaso Marina – players love coming to the island; for them, it’s not just a week of poker, it’s a complete holiday with the culture, the sun, the history…”

From the article:

It’s easy to see how passionate Ivonne is about poker. She started playing in her twenties, when the game was very much a male-dominated arena where you’d hear things like “go back to the kitchen”. She spots the incredulous look on my face and laughs.

“Of course, men will still say that. When people are losing, it brings out the worst! You do need a super-thick skin in poker, but you learn to use it in your favour as it teaches you a lot. You learn not to take things personally, to correct your strategy and figure out your opponent. You learn to read the temperature of the room. Who will bluff, who will turn nasty, who had too much caffeine and is being reckless? These are all skills that serve women well not just in poker, but also in the business arena,” she tells me.

Check out the interview here in its entirety

5 Key Takeaway Points re Video Content and Video SEO

In this podcast, Stat Drone's John Wright chats with Craig Campbell from where he tells us the importance of video content in not just SEO but video SEO. 

Campbell, of Glasgow, Scotland, has over 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing and regularly speaks at SEO & Business events sharing some of the tips and experiences that he has learned along the way.

Video is said to improve other metrics that helps rank well on the Google search engine.

Note: Explicit language and lots of bleeping.

Coinbase Sues the SEC

The US digital asset giant Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) is taking the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to court in order to force the financial markets regulator to respond to a petition filed by the company last July, asking the SEC for regulatory clarity and rules specific to the unique nature of digital assets.

James Field of CoinGeek reports further here

Unibet is Down Again

It's like a broken record at this point and one has to wonder why our own Thomas Somach doesn't go take his business elsewhere, say to one of our great offshore sportsbook sponsors.  Then again they probably don't want his winning action.

The Unibet website was once again down for at least the past 12 hours Tuesday morning.  Somach could not place bets on the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

"They assured me the issue was fixed," he tells 

Apparently it has not been.

Outside of some confirmation the site has had issues, Unibet is yet to explain the reason for this unprecedented down time.

The company announced its proprietary software will go live in New Jersey next month. 

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