Is Bitcoin Back On The Rise? Plus Why It Matters To Online Bookies

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Some have sounded the alarm that Bitcoin’s back on the rise. If Bitcoin shifts from a downward trend to an upward trend, online bookies stand to benefit.

First, let’s a take a look at why some analysts feel Bitcoin should hit a bullish trend in the near future. Then, let’s study why this could be excellent news for per head agents.

Why Analysts Believe Bitcoin Could Become Bullish

Many feel that a crash in fiat currency in the United States could lead to the price of Bitcoin exploding to the upside. When debt levels become untenable, nations like the U.S. print more money, called quantitative easing.

This money floods economies. It drives the value of the fiat currency down. Once that happens, inflation rises, which leads to lowered interest rates.

When an economy lowers interest rates, there’s no reason for individuals to save. Simply put, individuals won’t make money on their savings.

What they might do in that situation is turn to cryptocurrencies of which Bitcoin remains the most popular.

If Bitcoin were to resume its bullish trend from 2017, sportsbook operators stand to benefit.

Why Bitcoin’s on a Bullish Path is Good for Online Bookies

It’s all about cash flow. Pay per head agents that use fiat currency have more trouble making payouts and collections. Their clients have more trouble making deposits.

Cash doesn’t flow as easily through an agent’s sportsbook business that relies on fiat currency.

Without cash flowing easily, bookies end up depositing more money into their accounts to pay their business expenses.

Cash is king. The way it remains king is for it to flow through a business.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin allow for the flow to continue no matter the fiat currency. Bitcoin has become universally accepted in the sportsbook industry. This means most every fiat currency backs it up for the purposes of using Bitcoin for sportsbook transactions. has created an agent payment system that uses Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, to maintain great cash flow.

Bitcoin transactions happen almost instantaneously, which means players can deposit much quicker, and agents can make faster payouts and collections.

Any pay per head agent that hasn’t done so should switch to Bitcoin. Keeping cash flowing is the single best way to sustain and grow a sportsbook business.     

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