Zenyatta Best Payout Odds: Lookin At Lucky Best Payout Odds

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Dan Shapiro
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Zenyatta Best Payout Odds

Looking at each of the Gambling911.com endorsed online racebooks, we have reviewed which one offered the best Zenyatta payout odds as well as those for Lookin at Lucky.  The later horse is considered one that can beat Zenyatta.

This favored horse Zenyatta is presumably going to get most of the betting action, although there is some great value to be had since her payout odds have been hovering at better than even at most of the online race books. 

SBG Global had Zenyatta listed with +150 odds, paying $15 for every $10 bet.

By comparison, Gambling911.com has found Zenyatta listed with even odds at a competing online race book.  Another book had Zenyatta at -150.

The best value on Lookin At Lucky by far could be found at SBG GlobalTheir payout odds on Lookin At Lucky were set at +600 or $60 paid for every $10 bet.  We’ve seen odds as short as 2/1.

Here were all your payout odds at SBG Global heading into Saturday afternoon.

Quality Road  - A $10 bet pays $50          

Paddy O'Prado – A $10 bet pays $150

Haynesfield          - A $10 bet pays $120

First Dude – A $10 bet pays $150

Blame – A $10 bet pays $45

Fly Down – A $10 bet pays $150

Musket Man – A $10 bet pays $200

Zenyatta – A $10 bet pays $15

Pleasant Prince – A $10 bet pays $300

Etched – A $10 bet pays $300

Espoir City          A $10 bet pays $200

Lookin at Lucky A $10 bet pays $60

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com 

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