5 Reasons Online Bookies Shouldn't Forget About Horse Race Betting

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Pay per head agents could be missing out on consistent, close to weekly, revenue.

If agents only concentrate on offering ATS and money line bets on football, basketball, baseball, and hockey, they’re doing a disservice to themselves.

Horse racing betting is easily one of the most lucrative wagers to offer. Check out 5 reasons why agents should offer online racebook betting.

5 Reasons to Promote Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing is year-round

Horse racing doesn’t have a season. What it means is that horse racing is year-round. You can pretty much promote horse racing 7 days out of the week.

There are downs in horse racing where major tracks don’t run races. These downs usually last only a couple of weeks. This is much different than in other sports where down times can last months.

Odds make horse racing an attractive bet

No professional player can deny that odds in horse racing betting are the most attractive possible. The favorite to win in a typical horse race often goes off at 2 to 1.

For every $20 wagered, the payout is $60. It’s impossible to get odds like that on a favorite in football, basketball, or MLB.

Hitting a horse bet is much tougher than hitting a sports bet

The reason odds are so kind in horse racing is because hitting a horse bet is almost impossible to do. Strike that. Hitting a horse bet is impossible to do.

A prominent sports handicapper once told me that he never met a horseplayer that wasn’t at least a partly degenerate gambler.

What he meant by that is because horse racing provides so many wagering possibilities, horseplayers end up wagering way more than they intended.

Choices allow horseplayers to pick and choose

Speaking of choices, it’s always a good thing for pay per head agents to offer them. Offering choices without worrying about using the line mover, or the layoff account, saves time and energy, but still yeilds profit. .

Pay per er head tools allow agents to set max betting limits

There’s one specific tool that per head agents must use to manage horse racing betting. The only tool is setting max betting limits.

Most online sportsbooks set max betting limits on both wagers as well as pay outs. Setting a max betting win limit of around $2,000 on any single race is an excellent strategy.

There could be rare times where a player reaches the $2,000 threshold. That won’t happen often.

The bottom line? Open the online racebook for players. Once an online bookie gets players betting on horses, that bookie could see consistent weekly, sometimes daily, revenue.

PayPerHead.com offers 80+ horse race tracks to keep horseplayers happy with multiple choice. Which means PayPerHead agents will see a consistent  revenue in their sportsbook.

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