Spanky Claims Bally's Forces Sport Trade App to Drop Him

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Gilbert Horowitz
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In the latest edition of Be Better Bettors, host Gadoon “Spanky” Kryollos discusses how gaming giant Ballys Atlantic City property apparently "forced" the Sport Trade app to "kick him out".

Sporttrade is a Philadelphia-based sports betting and trading company offering what they say is the first legal sports betting exchange in United States history. Similar to a financial exchange, their platform allows customers to trade on sports outcomes by buying and selling contracts, just like trading stocks.

From the Sport Trade website:

"Our mission is to elevate the sports betting industry, and provide a truly inclusive platform designed for all sports bettors. Recently, retail investors have benefited immensely from unprecedented innovation in capital markets. Sporttrade was created to bring those same great benefits to sports betting, including increased efficiency, real transparency and better pricing."


Spanky explains his relationship with Sport Trade and speculation as to what happened behind the scenes.

He believes that some 2018 videos posted "when I first came on the Twitter" may have planted the seed for this action, specially a video showing Spanky getting his limits cut from what was then the Bally's owned Harrah's.  It's now owned by Caesars Entertainment.

"They showed me they're not bookmakers, they're dressmakers," Spanky noted after claiming they guaranteed him $20,000 limits on NBA sides only to reduce them to $500.

Spanky also took at shot at the Bally's property in AC that he says "probably hasn't been renovated since the 1980's".

He goes onto explain that Sport Trade had partnered with Bally's.

"So this football season they wind up going live and that was great," Spanky relays.  He had discussions with CEO Alex Kane about the company's liquidity.  Spanky offered him an opportunity to come up on his line service Spank Odds. "We will show your lines to the world and your liquidity.  On Spank Odds we can actually show your limits.

"He loved the idea and we started looking.  My trading team, Luke and them, we are looking and say 'this is okay, this isn't bad, let's make a deposit'."

Spanky claims that Alex then suggested they make a video of the deposit of around $100,000 being made.

"Let's make it epic.  It's the biggest deposit.  It was his idea and I think it was a great idea in hindsight."

The videos were filmed in late October at the Bally's property, which Spanky describes as "not the cleanest" and he refers to a sign on the men's room bathroom that reads "bathing and cleaning in the bathroom is strongly prohibited".

The relationship was great for about a week.

Spanky says he received a letter in the mail four days later from Bally's. 

"Bally's sees this video and says 'oh my God, I'm playing there'."

The letter reads that, after a review of Spanky's betting account, he is essentially no longer welcome....after just four days.  They go on to cite money laundering laws in the state of New Jersey.

Meanwhile, mind you, BetMGM has been posting videos of wheelchair bound individuals being pushed down staircases on their social media account and DraftKings customers recently had their accounts hacked into..... but the real evil in New Jersey is Spanky Kryollos

You can't make this stuff up.

Check out the full podcast here.

- Gilbert Horowitz,

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