POT-ty Break: Player Bolts for Bathroom in Middle of Hand at WSOP

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Nagesh Rath
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Connor Richards was playing in the Event #2: $500 Casino Employees No-Limit Hold'em when one of those at his table apparently couldn't hold it.

Richards tweeted out that the player, whose identity was not known, was in the middle of a hand when he bolted for the bathroom.

The player, who said he was a dealer from California, may have been a bit inebriated as opposed to having some type of bladder condition.

From Poker News:

The player raised to 1,500 in an early level before facing a three-bet to 4,500. Action returned to the original raiser who moved all in for about 65,000.

Instead of staying in his seat while his opponent tanked, the all-in player quickly bolted for the restroom. But the hand hadn't completed. The floor manager then chases him down, brings him back to the table, and rules that the all in hand was still live even though the player had briefly left the table.

He argued with the floor manager claiming that there was no action left in the hand and this would permit him to get up in the middle of the hand to use the bathroom.  The floor manager disagreed.


Poker News notes that the other player ended up folding and the all-in player was issued a warning. On the ensuing hand, he raised preflop and jokingly asked, "am I allowed to do this?"


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