Do Bookies Always Win?

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A bookie is a slang term for a bookmaker, and these are organizations or people that accept bets on various sporting events. This means bookies are not the ones that are actually making the wagers on sporting events, but they are the ones that earn money if the opposite team wins on any given wager.  So if the New York Yankees play against the Boston Red Sox, and a bookies player bets on the Red Sox to win on the money line, then the bookie will make money if the New York Yankees win that game.

Obviously, bookies do not always win, because players are going to make wagers that win, and players will have lucky streaks where they win for stretches of time, but over the long term, the players will lose, which means the bookies will win and earn money. Also, it is important to understand that bookies do not actually want to win all the time.

This might seem strange at first glance, however, if a player lost all the time, then why would he continue to gamble? Players need to win sometimes, in order to give them the hope that it is possible for them to win, and if they lost all the time, eventually they would just quit because there is no point if they can never win. In addition, if a player lost all the time, then they would quickly run out of funds to keep playing. Bookies are not going to continue making a lot of money if all their players are going broke in the first couple weeks of betting.

So if you are a bookie you definitely need your players to win sometimes, that way they have the incentive to keep playing, and the longer they keep playing the more money they will end up losing over the long term. It is important to realize that being a bookie is not a race where you need your players to lose all the money right away, but instead, this is more like a marathon where you will make more money if your players are consistently betting for years. Someone that likes to gamble is generally a person that gambles their entire life, so that is why it is important that they do not get too discouraged.

Also the longer your players continue to bet with you, then more chances you have that they refer you, additional new players. Word of mouth is very important in this business and if you are a bookie that pays your players fast when they do finally win, then it will go a long way in helping to keep customers happy and help you to get referrals from your customers. So the more players you acquire and the longer they play, then more money you will win as a bookie.

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