Bitcoin Online Gambling Deposit, Withdrawal Report - February 3 1:30 PM EST

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With the Super Bowl taking place this weekend, many folks are looking to replenish their online betting accounts and will be hoping to make withdrawals immediately following the big game. 

Bookmaker accepts most crypto-currencies

It's probably not the best move to send funds or request a withdrawal while Bitcoin is experiencing a significant price drop.

As of 2 pm EST Saturday afternoon, Bitcoin was up nearly 8% and witnessed close to a $700 price increase to $9,287.  The cryptocurrency is currently at a month's long low while up 813% from this time a year ago ($952).

Current trending on this day is showing a slow upwards movement after dipping just below the $8,000 mark just over 24 hours ago.

Today, unlike yesterday, would be a good day to deposit or withdraw Bitcoin to or from your online betting account assuming you wish to transfer funds immediately into your bank account.  Saturday would have been a good day to deposit funds only if you were looking to empty your stored cryptocurrency wallet a bit.

Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash was up 7% on the day.  Litecoin was up 22% or $27. Ethereum was up 9% in the past 24 hours. 

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