Bitcoin And Offshore Betting: Why It Matters To Online Bookie Agents

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While interest in Bitcoin has waned some in the general public, it’s only continued to rise in the sports betting industry.

What it means is that pay per head agents must switch to Bitcoin as soon as possible.

The following 3 reasons listed, no doubt, will get those agents on the sidelines into the cryptocurrency game

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Why It Matters To Online Bookie Agents

The following are 3 reasons why Bitcoin and offshore betting matters to per head agents.

1. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer

This means that when agents make transactions in Bitcoin, it’s between the agent and the other party.

There is no middle man like a credit card company facilitating the transaction.

Peer-to-peer transactions aren’t impenetrable. They are much safer than non peer-to-peer transactions, though.

2. Sports bettors, all players, are switching to Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency

Over 60% of sports bettors now deposit via Bitcoin.

That’s a huge number. An online bookie agent won’t see that 60% if they don’t currently accept Bitcoin deposits. The number should rise to closer to 70%.

The reason has nothing to do with gambling laws. What it has to do with is privacy.

Credit card companies are a nosy bunch. They want to know what their clients spend their money on.

Sports bettors would prefer to cut out the middleman when they make deposits.

3. Over 80% of sports bettors withdraw in Bitcoin

Sports bettors prefer to remain anonymous throughout the betting process. That includes depositing funds and making wagers. It also includes withdrawing funds.

The 80% number is a real number.

When an agent thinks about it, it makes sense. Why would a sports bettor want to receive payouts in a traditional currency?

Traditional currencies are regulated.

They’re also not peer-to-peer unless traditional currency transactions occur in cash. All players, sports, horses, casino, etc., value their privacy.

If they value their privacy on one end, the deposit end, they most definitely value their privacy on the other end, the payout end.

The bottom line is that players are utilizing Bitcoin. If players utilize Bitcoin, online bookies most definitely must utilize Bitcoin.

Competition in the bookie industry is too fierce not to.

Understanding how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work is essential as an entrepreneur.

PayPerHead offers the full rundown about cryptocurrency, and the benefits it has for sportsbooks and pay per head agents.

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