Bad Place to be a Bookie Right Now: Houston Texas

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Houston bookies have not fared particularly well with the Rockets going on a complete tear this season.   It’s difficult to profit without the help of a top Pay Per Head service that provides loss leaders like LIVE IN-PLAY WAGERING and online casino games.  Looking for a regional bookie?  AcePerHead may be able to help

Houston area bookies will be looking to profit more so than other regions in the United States as Super Bowl LI will be played in the NRG Stadium there, formerly Reliant Stadium.  Everybody and their mother in this region is looking to place a bet on the Super Bowl even though their home team Texans won’t be playing in this year’s Championship.  So, though it might be a bad time to be a bookie in Houston these past few months when it comes to the NBA, there are few places that will be more bookie-friendly than Houston over these next two weeks.

Local bookies are likely to turn a profit but what can they offer that bettors will be looking for?

Can they offer a few hundred betting props?  Certainly not on their own.  Using a PPH the likes of AcePerHead will allow local bookies to offer every type of prop bet under the sun.  In fact, found Ace’s Super Bowl 50 prop list to be among the most extensive in the industry.

Throughout much of the NBA season bookies have sought out such contracting services due to the Rockets strong start Against The Spread (29-18).

The books did have success taking action on the Texans as they fell 6-9-1 Against The Spread during the regular season while splitting 1-1 in the post season.

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