Is 5Dimes Back as Bettors Den?

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Gilbert Horowitz
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Gamblers on the SportsBookReview forum have been speculating that 5Dimes has returned....well, sort of.....this time as Bettors Den.


5Dimes was once among the largest sportsbooks operating offshore.  It was founded by West Virginia native Sean Creighton in 1999.  He met his demise in 2019 following a kidnapping and murder.  Creighton was known as one of the sharpest bookmakers in the industry.

PD77 inquired on the SBR Forum:

"Alone else get the invite to this book? They claim to be the spinoff of the book you loved(5Dimes)? I’d post the email if I remembered how but I went ahead and signed up just to see. I guess they are just getting started because it is barebones, the peepsplace of sportsbooks. Email says invite only, I asked supports a ton of questions but there is no way to verify anything. They did say Becky is running it. I had better luck with Tony to be honest. Signup form asks for your ssn which is a red flag but support said it should be the last four of ssn. Still not sure why they even need that. Needless to say they didn’t get it. Judging by the account number I received I’m thinking they just went live. They accept bitcoin from what I could tell and have reduced juice like 5Dimes but that’s about it. No casino, I didn’t see futures, I did see some live betting options. I’m not sure what is going on to be honest."

Sports bettors began discovering Bettors Den late last year and the website certainly looks professional.

"We are not your average bookmakers; we are the real-deal line makers who were taken off the market back in 2020 (if you know, you know, but don’t ask)," the site proclaims, hinting subtly at the 5Dimes ties.


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