Carmen The Cheeseman DiNunzio Extorted Boston Bookie

(Associated Press) - The former underboss of the New England mob is scheduled to be sentenced this week for bribing an undercover FBI agent posing as a state official in an attempt to win a $6 mill

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Week 2 NFL, College Football Provide Mixed Bag For Bookies

Week 2 of the NFL saw similar results as Week 1 in that gamblers and bookies for the most part alternated between wins.

Public sports bettors did well by backing New Orleans, The Giants, Oakland and Minnesota.  But the bookies made out with the biggest play of the day on New England's loss since much of the action was going the Patriots way.  They also won a little money with Chicago and Houston both winning their respective games. 

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Wynn Seeks $1.63 Billion for Macau

(Bloomberg) -- Wynn Resorts Ltd.

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New Task Force Set Up To Go After Online Gambling

A new Assets Forfeiture and Financial Crimes task force has been implemented at the US Attorney's Office in Baltimore Maryland which is already being used to go after online gambling operations.

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State Economy Gets Boost From Sports Betting

The state of Delaware reports revenue of $257,870 their first week of offering legalized sports betting, and this is at the reduced exposure originally intended due to pending lawsuits.

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Golden Casino The Subject of Online Gambling Investigation can now report exclusively that the US Attorney's Office out of Maryland in conjunction with the US Attorney Office out of New York and Louisiana State law enforcement in addition t

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Barney Frank Online Gambling Bill Will Have to Wait

Online poker's greatest ally in Congress, Massachusetts Rep Barney Frank, has reported in to the Poker Players A

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Internet Gambling 10 Times More Dangers Than Other Addictions

By Kate Devlin, Medical Correspondent, The Guardian

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Sports Betting: Mark Lawrence Talks Football With Woo

With football season finally here, I've been continuing my insiders look with the pro handicappers I met at the Sports Handicapping Seminar.  Marc Lawrence is a true icon when it

Submitted by Jenny Woo on, Sep/16/2009

Former DC Cop Part of Gambling, Drug Ring

Federal prosecutors say a former District police officer and 11 others were part of a criminal ring that flooded Southern Maryland with cocaine for the past three years.

Darrell Alphonso Carter hasn't been a police officer for more than a decade. During some of the time since leaving the force, prosecutors say he ran a gambling operation in St. Mary's County that catered to the drug dealers he also did business with. The gambling was high stakes, with as much as $80,000 bandied about.

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Court Date Set for Antoine Walker Vegas Casino Debt Case

LAS VEGAS-(Associated Press) -- A Las Vegas court has pushed back a status check to Oct.

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Denmark: Man Must Turn Over All Winnings From Online Poker

A 35-year-old unemployed man has been told by the Supreme Court to hand over 194,000 kroner he won playing online poker, The

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BetFair Shock Poker Ad Suggestive 15 Year Old

An advertisement for the online betting exchange BetFair has many eyebrows being raised on Wednesday.

Submitted by Ace King on, Sep/16/2009

Sports Betting Public Reeling After Monday Night Games

The sports betting public got a break Sunday afternoon and evening following big wins with heavily wagered on favorites Minnesota, Dallas, Green Bay and New Orleans.  They were not so lucky Monday

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Las Vegas Metro Undercover Drug Ops Hit Casinos

The Las Vegas Metro Police are undergoing an aggressive attempt to crack down on swimming pool "drug" parties at casino hotels throughout the strip.  The latest target:  Rehab at the Ha

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Delaware Appeal of Sports Betting Rule a Losing Proposition

Delaware's filing of a 24-page petition to the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals asking the court to hear whether the state should be allowed to offer single-game sports betting will likely g

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MD Investigation Expands to Other Online Poker Groups can confirm that an ongoing investigation being conducted by the US Attorney's Office out of Baltimore has expanded beyond a single online gambling company.

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UltimateBet CEO Paul Leggett Comments on Scandal Findings

I wanted to blog today to discuss the recent decision by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission that was released on Friday.

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The Latest Full Tilt Poker Lawsuit

Another former "employee" of the world's second largest online poker company, Full Tilt Poker, has filed a lawsuit claiming he was "unfairly fi

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Gambling911 NFL, College Football Predictions 4-1, 3-1 has gotten off to a terrific start with its College Football and NFL predictions (all of which are free).  After a 3-1 start last weekend in College Football, Gambling911 once agai

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Delaware: Back-room Business Booming for Bookies


The News Journal 

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NFL Results: Bettors Recover From College Hangover Hell

The gambling public came back with a vengeance Sunday afternoon following a brutal two weeks in College Football.  NFL results had the two most bet on teams come through for sports bettors.

The biggest was the Minnesota Vikings, who had nearly 95 percent of the action in their game against Cleveland.  By the 4th quarter, the Brett Favre-led Vikings were dismantling the Browns.

Dallas, which had the second heaviest betting action and 85 percent of the money coming in, also managed a win.

Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/13/2009

College Football Betting: Gamblers Get Crushed Again

It is turning into one of the best College Football starts in online bookmaking history.  Week 2 delivered yet another punch to the gambling public, even worse than Week 1.  The ultimate blow cam

Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/13/2009

More Online Gambling Seizures

Authorities have filed seizure warrants for the contents of three bank accounts associated with online gambling companies in recent days according to

Submitted by C Costigan on, Sep/12/2009

UtlimateBet Cheating Scandal Investigation Concludes

Tokwiro Enterprises ENRG ("Tokwiro"), the parent company of UltimateBet ("UB"), yesterday received a decision from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission ("KGC"), UB's regula

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Caster Semenya, South African Runner: She's a Man, Baby! (kinda)

A source, who is said to be close to the IAAF investigation, claimed that the 18-year-old athlete, Caster Semenya, had internal testes and no womb or ovaries.

The IAAF, the world governing body, refused to comment on the claim last night, but earlier in the day its general secretary, Pierre Weiss, said: “It is clear that she is a woman but maybe not 100 per cent.”   If Semenya does have internal testes, and no womb and ovaries, then she would be considered a hermaphrodite.

Submitted by Payton on, Sep/10/2009

Can’t Bet Canbet Closes Accounts Over Shared Environments

Many people bet from the same household, dormitory, Internet café, office.  The online gambling website,, may have gone over the top recently when it comes to these so-called "sha

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Delaware Casinos Invested Big in Sports Betting


The News Journal

To Patti Key, the chief executive of Harrington Raceway and Casino, the show must go on.

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Planet Hollywood Poker Scam Nets Four Supervisors

Mary Manning, Las Vegas Sun

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Jenny Woo Involved in Car Crash Senior International Correspondent, Jenny Woo, was involved in a car accident late Wednesday night while driving on I-95 in South Florida.  Her car smashed into a median and spun o

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82% of 2024 Presidential Election Bets on Trump Over Last 48 Hours

82% of 2024 Presidential Election Bets on Trump Over Last 48 Hours

Since news broke late Monday of a raid on the former U.S. President Donald Trump's residence in Palm Beach, Florida, some 84% of the bets coming in on the 2024 Presidential election were on Trump at BetOnline.

Catena Anticipates Job Cuts in Europe

Catena Anticipates Job Cuts in Europe

The company announced that it is expanding the strategic review it initiated on 20 May to its entire European online sports betting and casino affiliation business.

Winners From 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Big 4 Championships Revealed

Winners From 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Big 4 Championships Revealed

For the seventh consecutive year, the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open (SHRPO) concluded with the crowning of The Big 4 champions at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.