Grand Privé Captain Shockwave Video Slot a Shock to Online Casino Affiliates

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Captain Shockwave

The Grand Privé online casino group is now in “positive pr” mode it seems in an effort to help restore its tarnished image over the past two years.  They are now  heavily touting the launch of their latest casino game Alpha Squad Origins: Captain Shockwave Video Slot.

When it comes to Grand Privé and “shock”, the first thing that comes to mind is that online casino group’s decision to cut off all ties with its “life time affiliate partners”.  Eventually, after an extended period of prodding, Microgaming (Grand Privé’s former casino software provider) cut ties with the controversial Internet casino, which also operates under the name Bella Vegas.

Grand Privé even went as far as to announce the story behind Captain Shockwave.

Brandon Faber, Grand Privé spokesperson:  “The premise is that even super heroes were once children and every great team has an origin. Captain Shockwave began life as Raymond Reilly in a small farming community.

“As a boy Raymond Reilly discovered that he could manipulate sonic waves, which resulted in a pretty interesting childhood. But it was just preparation for what happened after a horrific accident changed his life when he was 22. Determined to get justice, Raymond became Captain Shockwave and began his quest to stop the sinister organization, the Omega Syndicate, that changed his life.”

“Grand Privé would know plenty about sinister organizations,” said one disgruntled online casino affiliate.  “They are one.”

The Grand Privé Group of casinos claims to have been established in 2001 and say they are a “recognized pioneer in the online gambling industry”.

That later can be disputed with a simple search on Google for “Grand Privé Online Casino”.

Following its own website rankings, a series of articles appear with the similar-themed titles “Grand Privé Online Casino Blacklisted”.

Jay Todd, a noted commentator for the industry, has previously released a series of videos related to this organization.

Todd pointed out: “The Grand Privé Casino Group recently shut down their affiliate program. However, they continue to run their casinos and profit from the players their webmaster partners sent to them in the past. They have cut their "partners" out of the deal they made with them, and are keeping all the profits!”

Todd and others have warned that, if Grand Privé can do it to their affiliate partners, they can also do the same to online casino players.

“It’s outrageous that they continue to stay in business,” remarked the affiliate.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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