Bellagio Poker Chip Bandit Probably Won’t See A Dime

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Bellagio Chip Bandit

A man who robbed the famed Bellagio Hotel Casino early Tuesday morning of over $1.5 million in chips probably won’t be able to cash out.  That’s because the Bellagio’s chips are supposed to be encoded.

The unidentified man, who entered the establishment wearing a motorcycle helmet, held up a craps table around 3 am Tuesday.  He fled on a motorcycle.  Authorities believe he robbed another casino just days before.

Anthony Curtis, an expert on the Las Vegas casino scene, tells KTNV each chip is marked with an embedded code, or at least they should be.

"There's RFID – chips that have radio devices in them."

Once the chips are scanned, a casino can then determine where they came from.  The high profile nature of this brazen robbery will have casinos across the country on notice.

The Bellagio has not released an official statement on the incident, prompting concerns that the chips may not have been encoded.

- Jagajeet Chiba,

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