Top 10 Sexiest Poker Players of 2009 – 6 Thru 7

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Jenny Woo
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Yesterday I featured the first three of my Top 10 Sexiest Poker Players of 2009.

Today, I count down from 6 to 7 as we get closer to the Sexiest Poker Player of 2009.  Who could it be?

Due to the adult nature of this list, Gambling911.com advises anyone under the age of 21 to step away from the computer immediately.

Let's get down to business with Jenny Woo's Top 10 Sexiest Poker Players of 2009.


#6 Daniel Negreanu


I've always had a secret crush on Daniel Negreanu - well, maybe not so secret.  He also likes Asian women (Evelyn Ng) so chances are he finds me very attractive.

His deep green eyes make this girl all giddy.

Daniel is a Canadian poker player of Romanian descent.  Romania is home to Count Dracula - Transilvania.  I believe that Romanian women are some of the most beautiful....and the men are not so bad either, judging by how handsome Daniel is. 

I think that Daniel Negreanu would make a wonderful husband. 

Sorry my ADT is kicking in!



#5 Tom Durrr Dwan


He has the best eye brows and beautiful Irish icy green eyes.  Some say he could be gay.  Who cares?  Jenny will straighten this boy out real quick.  I have to do a reverse David Williams here as I'm fast approaching 30 and this boy looks like he is 15.  The young'em can use an experienced older woman like Yours Truly.  Just with most boys Tom's age, he's reckless, especially with money, and I suspect he's a premature ejaculator like my bulging bicepian brain surgeon control freak ex-boyfriend.  Does Durrr wear a purity ring like the Jonas Brothers?  I seriously doubt it!  Young, dumb and full of c**...... And, NO, he doesn't need his stomach pumped like Lil Kim.

It's fitting (I hope it fits, the lanky one's with distinctively groomed eye brows are often well endowed) that Tommy Durrr is reinventing the game of online poker.  He was born in Edison, New Jersey, home of the famous inventor, Thomas Alvin Edison.

Edison invented, among other things, the telegraph, motion picture cameras, the cell phone, the light bulb, and the record player (which is now known as the iPod).  Shouldn't we have a holiday for this guy?

Tom Durrr Dwan is the 4th most famous resident of Edison, New Jersey after Thomas Edison, my boss and Susan Sarandon. 

If he's legal, I'd like to have that (deleted) down my (deleted), which I suspect tastes just like marinated chicken.

Durrrr can make this pussy cat purrrrr any day he likes. 

Vin Diesel wouldn't go for it.  Let's see if this will be Strike Two!

With the drought I'm having lately I'll be lucky if Tom gets past the catcher's mound.

Ummmm....let's jump to my #7 sexiest, shall we....


#7 Lacey Jones


Lacey Jones is the quintessential blonde poker babe.  She is in fact a runway model who admits to once kicking a shoe out into the crowd of gawkers and paparazzi.  My type of gal!

Things that MADE Lacey Jones happy (pre Twitter):


"Traveling, poker, live music, runway, speaking/hearing French, live hockey games, room service, a great workout, jigsaw puzzles, seeing old friends and making new ones, my family, riding horses, jumping on/popping bubble wrap, exploring museums, going off the beaten path, people watching, foreign paper money, elephants, teaching children how to snap, skydiving (2x), and the feeling you get the night before Christmas."

Oh Lacey, nothing is more exciting than teaching kids how to snap!


This San Antonio beauty never smoked or drank or cursed and she's a good Christian girl.  One can surmise she is also a virgin since she is not yet wed.

Unfortunately, Those fair maiden days appear to be over!  Lacey Jones has discovered Twitter and all the naughty behavior that the site seems to spawn.  I'm surprised Lacey's family hasn't called a priest to perform an exorcism after reading these shocking tweets:

"6 hours and 4 speeding tickets."

"I like feeling up Macgyver!"

"Found out I'm not cut out for talk shit Tuesdays at the Hard Rock."

"Ben Harper in my bubble Bath & now we're off to bed."

"How do you make a blonde laugh on a Wednesday? Tell her a joke on a Monday!"

"Chilling poolside watching hula dancers get it on."

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up with Paul Valery."

"Why am I always driving in a bikini?"

"Getting it on with Mace at the Never Win Poker compound.  Google it!"

"At the grocery store.  Old man whipped It out for me!"

"Driving in a bikini and mini skirt.  If there was ever a time to get pulled over it would be now!"


Okay, the four speeding tickets came AFTER Lacey started driving around half naked while Twittering. 

Evidently she didn't count on getting stopped by a lesbian cop. 


Next Sexiest Poker Players of 2009

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent

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