Sarah Palin, BodogLife.com Keep Attention of Gambling911 Readers

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So what if it was a holiday weekend, readership compared to past periods was at an all time high here at Gambling911.com and we can thank both Sarah Palin and BodogLife.com for that.

Both topics have readers in a tizzy. The popular new "comments" feature allows G911 readers to express their views on various subject matters. The vast majority dealt with Senator John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate and the situation at online gambling website BodogLife.com.

Palin has generated more buzz than Barack Obama and McCain put together.

Few articles have generated more reaction than that of Palin's reported nine hour flight after her water broke. This one has been dubbed "Broken Watergate"

One mother commented:

Sarah Palin described the water as running down her leg -- before her speech! I was hospitalized by my doctor for a leak I didn't even realize I had (came up in routine visit). My doctor put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me across the street to the hospital where I was placed on bed rest for eleven days, unable to even get up to go to the bathroom. This precaution was taken because my premie's lungs needed a chance to develop as much as possible before birth. What Sarah Palin describes is a very dangerious condition and can result in miscarriage and/or infection. She is a liar, and I would happily say so to her face. ANY woman who has had this experience knows it. You don't get on a plane when your water breaks -- you go to a hospital, and you pray.

Gambling911.com has also been reporting extensively on BodogLife.com and their likely option to leave the US market come end of the football season should the current processing situation not improve.

Affiliates are reporting receipt of payments in recent days but the company recently laid off a few hundred people.

Likewise, the comments have been extensive.

Gambling911 will also feature intensive betting odds coverage on the upcoming start of the 2008/2009 NFL season.


Payton O'Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor

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