Sarah Palin Flew More Than 3000 Miles After Water Broke?

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Alejandro Botticelli
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Sarah Palin

It hasn't even been 24 hours since Alaska Governor Sarah Palin accepted Senator John McCain's invitation for her to become his running mate and already there are rumors abound that may ultimately turn into a major scandal....Concerns over Palin's judgement have taken center stage. 

Palin reportedly flew from Texas to back to Anchorage when she was apparently 7 months pregnant.

The governor's water broke during the energy conference she was attending in Texas but she stayed and gave a 30-minute speech before boarding an Alaska Airlines plane home to deliver the baby.

One reader of the Daily Kos commented how this could be possible:

"I don't see a commercial airline letting a pregnant woman whose water had already broken board a plane. Especially for a flight that far, that is way too dangerous. They don't let pregnant women fly in the last few months of pregnancy as it is."

In fact, a call to Alaska Airlines by revealed that they will not allow a woman to board a flight whose water has broke.  It is unclear if the airline made an exception for Governor Palin. 

The idea that Palin - who is steadfastly against abortion - made that flight while in labor after her water broke is enough to make some question her judgment.  

Reports also surfaced on Friday that McCain had only met with Palin once before selecting her as his surprise running mate. Palin has a solid record as Alaska's two year Governor.

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