Poker Legend Doyle Brunson Denies He’s a Racist For McCain Vote

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Ace King
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Doyle Brunson

The Texas Dolly, poker legend Doyle Brunson, has had to fight off allegations that he is a racist after publicly proclaiming he voted for Republican John McCain in this month's US Presidential Elections. 

Brunson, a lifelong Republican who has voted since Abraham Lincoln came into office, had hinted he might vote for Barack Obama. 

"Unfortunately for Brunson, he's just making the matter worse by resorting to a tried and true racist response to such charges," claims Thomas Somach of, alluding to Brunson's response in his own blog at

Brunson writes: "My daughter called me about a thread on 2×2 (a poker-themed online posting forum for public comments) about me voting for McCain. According to some of them, I'm a racist and am going to Hell because I did so.

"What a sick topic on which to start a thread on a public forum. First, I'm about as far away from being a racist as you can get. I've had black friends all my life, and I mean really good friends. That was back before it was ‘fashionable' to have blacks as friends.

"And if I go to hell, it won't be because I voted McCain. I guess it was only Democrats that posted and they blasted me for being a Republican."

Brunson claimed that one of the reasons he decided to vote for McCain was that he had doubts Obama was truly a poker player as has been widely reported in the press.

"Has anyone seen him play?" Brunson asks in his blog. 

In the end, however, Brunson voted just as many in his age bracket (100 plus years old) did.

"McCain is a genuine American hero and has experience and leadership qualities. I was concerned about Reverend Wright, Obama's spiritual leader for 20 years, Obama's inexperience and his choice of association with controversial people. Anyone who doesn't share those concerns is lacking in brain cells."

Ace King, 

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