Nicky Hilton and Doyle Brunson: Poker's Super Couple

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Ace King
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Nicky Hilton

American fashion model, socialite, celebutante and heiress, Nicky Hilton, has been seen around town with the likes of none other than Jenny Woo's 2009 Sexiest Poker Player, iconic Doyle Brunson. 

Nicky Hilton Tweeted to Doyle Tuesday: "Had a great time last night. Thanks."

The two have frequently been seen together. 

"What a sweet gal, that Nicky Hilton!" Doyle exclaimed. 

While many a Gambling911.com reader at this point probably has images of the two celebs getting it on in some swanky Hilton Hotel room, such is not the case.  Doyles is happily married and Nicky is dating men who are much younger than Brunson, albeit with less stamina in the sack. 

The room these two share is Doyle's Room, the uber popular online poker room that bares Doyle's name. 

The two are great friends and Ms. Hilton frequently plays at Doyle's online poker room.

Nicky is just one of a few celebrities who take part in the Doyle's Room Celebrity Bounty Hunter tournaments.

The Celebrity Bounty Hunt is where customers can play with Doyle's Room pros and special guests with the chance to cash in big! Each Bounty has a $500 tag on their head and there's over $25,000 in prizes.  Recent poker playing guests included Mickey Rourke. 

Ace King, Gambling911.com 

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