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Just when you thought the Tiger Woods saga was almost over (okay, this one has no end in sight), the online gambling website first to put out Tiger Woods scandal odds has released even more.

"That Tiger Woods' Thanksgiving weekend took a bizarre turn ending with a minor car accent was odd enough," says Reed Richards of BetUS.com. "That rumors are swirling painting the scenario as a potential domestic violence dispute is even weirder. With fans looking for answers, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com posted odds on the incident."

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on Tiger Woods' Wacky Weekend:

Will Tiger lose any of his sponsorships?

         •         Yes  5/1

         •         No  1/10

Will he win / lose his next major?

         •         Yes  2/1

         •         No  1/3

Which club will Tiger's wife use to smash his windshield with next?

         •         Woods  3/2

         •         Iron  1/1

         •         Putters  2/1

Will Tiger file assault charges against wife?

         •         Yes  2/1

         •         No  1/3

Will Tiger's wife join LPGA

         •         Yes  6/1

         •         No  1/12

Over/under on number of clubs it takes tiger's wife to smash a windshield:

         •         Over 2.5  5/6

         •         Under 2.5  5/6

Odds on what Tiger's facial lacerations are from:

         •         His wife beating him  1/2

         •         Air bag  2/1

         •         Caddy  3/2

Odds on Tiger getting a DWI by 2012

         •         Yes  5/1

         •         No  1/10

Who is involved in a lawsuit first?

         •         Tiger  2/1

         •         Tiger's wife  3/2

         •         Caddy  6/5

Who has an affair first?

         •         Tiger  5/6

         •         Wife  5/6

Odds that tigers wife is having an affair

         •         Yes  2/1

         •         No  1/3

Will Charges be laid against Tiger?

         •         Yes  5/6

         •         No  5/6

Will rumors of an affair ring true - will a "new woman" come forward as having been w/ Tiger?

         •         Yes  3/1

         •         No  1/5

Will he divorce in next 24 months?

         •         Yes  3/1

         •         No  1/5


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