Mack Whacked! Loses Again With $2 Million Bet

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Don Shapiro
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One sure fire way of winning these days as a sports bettor is to fade James "Mattress Mack" McIngvale.

The Houston area furniture mogul lost yet another wager with his moneyline play on the Dallas Cowboys beating San Francisco Sunday night in the 2023 divisional playoffs.  That didn't happen.

That high profile wager cost McIngvale $2 million at Caesars in Louisiana.


Dallas also failed to cover the +4 point spread with a 19-12 loss.

Mack hedges his bets, so in the end it all kind of works out.

"I just lost $2 million," Mack tweeted out in a video, but ever the salesman he added "But I've got some advise for you.  Get rid of that Sleep Number mattress and get a Tempur-Pedic.  You'll get much better results. 

Mattress Mack operates Gallery Furniture in the Houston area but they deliver in many states, so check them out for all your furniture needs and tell them Gambling911 sent you.

Gambling911.com Called It Right

Our number on this game was San Francisco 3.63. And with the actual line floating between 3.5 and 4, this one was on the money.

In college football this season, our sampling of accurate lines that stay above the number 3 but touch on 3.5 had gone 2-6 Against The Spread for the favorite.  The outcome was 5-6 ATS in the NFL.  Combining the two, there was the slightest of edges for Dallas here.

That being said, the shifting between 3.5 and 4 without a set trend in either direction has tended to go more towards the favorite in the NFL and we spotted one game in college football that provided a similar outcome as part of our sampling. 

These were comparables we used to determine the likelihood of a 49ers cover based on the oddsmakers mindset.

Earlier in the season we had New England +3/ +3.5/ +4 vs. Miami with the result being the home favorite Miami covered and won big.  What's most appealing here is that we had a number of Miami 3.83 that was also on the money, similar to this weekend's playoff game between the 49ers and Cowboys.

Another comparable: LA Rams -3.5 / -4 Arizona whereby the road favorite Rams covered and won by 8 points.  We had that number as Rams 2.93 and, once again, on the money but with a slight 1-point overlay when the line was hitting the number 4.

We were not so lucky with Kansas City winning but failing to cover the spread against Jacksonville in an earlier game.

- Don Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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