Gambling911.com Most Wanted for Week Ending May 18, 2009

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C Costigan
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Who or what company made the headlines this past week on the pages of Gambling911.com as it relates to the gambling industry?  Find out as we break down the most popular industry-related stories.

5. JJ Prodigy - This story got some good play over the later part of last week.  Who is JJ Prodigy?  His real name is Josh Fields and he was accused of playing online poker with multi-accounts at both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars.  The end result was a ban and apparently he didn't learn much from it. Word has now gotten out that Cake Poker, in February of 2009 has banned Fields for multi-accounting for an incredible 3rd time.  At present time, it is believed he is preparing to apologize once again though it is unclear who out there would actually believe him at this point.

4. Rome Casino - The Rome Casino has been very bad of late.  Gambling911.com first revealed how The Rome Casino have been slow paying some affiliates for the past two months.  The casino owner admitted to slow paying the affiliate who was the basis of our report but blamed it on an employee he was emailing who was no longer with the company.  That same email is still listed on their website as the one to use for affiliate contacts.  He then went on to say that they were awaiting all the details of this affiliate in order to pay him as they did not have any of this information, yet in the same response, the amount was posted (something not disclosed in the original report).  DOH!  This story was among the most popular of the week.

3. Barney Frank - Congressman Barney Frank continued to be the toast of the online gambling sector following the previous week's introduction of a bill to overturn the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).  There was every conceivable article about how Barney Frank could perhaps walk on water with this bill.  Gambling911.com toned things down a bit, suggesting he has an uphill battle, but even more concerning for about 50 percent of the industry that actually contributes to these billions of dollars annually, the Congressman admitted that nobody will be betting on sports over the Internet.  Thank God for iMEGA.org.

2. Jack Markell - The Delaware Governor made the headlines this week with his successful push to get sports betting legalized in the First State.  This just goes to show that sports betting is very much a part of the political scene when it comes to legalized gambling, whether it's online or offline.

1.     1.  Annie Duke - With the Celebrity Apprentice finale ending with a bang, the spill over controversy continued throughout the week as Gambling911.com readers were treated to story after story about how Annie Duke might have gotten hosed.  When all is said and done, we trust that Annie can really appreciate the exposure this show has gotten her.  Comedian Joan Rivers was right to some degree when she commented that outside of the poker world, people may not have necessarily heard of Annie Duke.  Now the big question remains:  Does Daniel Negreanu appear on Celebrity Apprentice 3 next year?

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