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Mary Montgomery
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Contests are a great way to differentiate yourself from other bookies, especially with the Super Bowl and March Madness right around the corner.  Using contests to market your sportsbook generates plenty of buzz and referrals.

Those million dollar contests you see from the big dawgs probably are out of reach.  As long as the prize is within your means and the sportsbook marketing campaign exciting enough, these types of promotions can deliver for one's bottom line.

A pay per head like PricePerPlayer can assist in incorporating the contest feature into your platform.

But what to offer in terms of a contest and the prize awarded?

Say your bookie business has a betting handle of $20,000 per week, giving out extravagant cash prizes and new cars won't be in your wheelhouse. Instead, you should give out the prize in the form of free plays.  Once you cross the $20,000 plateau, consider cash prizes.

Giveaways and sweepstakes are an excellent option when it comes to luring in new customers.  Last Man Standing and similar contests are best for maintaining loyalty.


Contest Ideas for Your Sportsbook

Last Man Standing - This contest model appeals to an individual's desire to be the best among his or her peers.  As such, it's possible to attract a large participation pool for a relatively small prize.  There is no sharing the reward.  Winner takes all.  The contest only ends when there is one or no participant(s) remaining, whichever comes first.  The concept is simple: Select one team each round that you think will win, and if they do, you'll move on to the next round.  Lose or draw, you're out. 

Super Bowl Square Contest – In addition to the famed Last Man Standing contests that thrive off of the competitive elements, there are those Super Bowl Squares that attract even the most novice gambler.

A square contest is a grid where players are given squares that corresponds to the final score of the game. The winner of the contest will be the one with a matching score to the final score of the game. Squares can be given for every deposit made by players or similiar criteria.

March Madness Bracket – The granddaddy of them all, this is the contest you'll find being passed around in an office setting.  Usually it's the receptionist with little interest in college basketball that walks away with all the cash.  Of course, most of your players will be huge basketball fans, so no worrying about the lucky novice.  Everyone who opens an account gets to fill out a March Madness Bracket for free and the winning madness bracket gets the entire prize!

Golf Contests Help Make Daily Fantasy Sports Sites

DraftKings, in particular, is known for their massive golf contests that have helped boost the popularity of daily fantasy sports sites, not to mention the sport of golf.

They regularly feature a $5 million guaranteed prize pool and a $1 million top prize ahead of golf majors.  These offerings could increase with the LIV Tournament now gaining ground.

DraftKings is an example of how a contest can reel in players.  Once signed up, these newbies become part of the customer database and regularly provided with the latest marketing campaigns via emails and other methods.

As a bookie, you can embrace the same techniques.

Have PricePerPlayer customize your contests here.

- Mary Montgomery,

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