Super Bowl Bet Gets 2nd Most Action: Field Goal Yardage

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Don Shapiro
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Super Bowl Bet

Aside from the New Orleans Saints getting the most action at heading into Sunday, the second most bet on event involved a Super Bowl prop:  Yes, a 33 yard/longer field goal will be kicked by either the Saints or Colts.

Hey, remember, customers tend to be especially "sharp".  So while Super Bowl prop bets tend to be a favorite among recreational bettors, the pros like them also but...they know how to pick their poison and - trust your friends at, they studied this one.  They're not always right, but more times than not they are.

Most of the recreational betting shops had the Colts getting the majority of backing from the betting public, mostly 65 percent. had more action on New Orleans.  Much of this was a result of the uncertainty surrounding the Dwight Freeney injury.

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