NFL Week 2 Betting Lines – 2011

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Dan Shapiro
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NFL Week 2 Betting Lines – 2011

BetDSI.com, one of the oldest online sportsbooks established in 1997, has updated its NFL Week 2 betting lines for 2011 and there are some fantastic games being played. 

Betting the over was a good deal for the players in the first week of the NFL season as the over went 12-3-1 in a tremendous scoring galore.  Oddsmakers offered up lower numbers with the mistaken belief that the lockout would result in lower scoring. BetDSI.com sportsbook launched their NFL week 2 betting lines so the betting fans can earn some during the weekend games.

BetDSI.com advised Gambling911.com heading into this season that approximately 20 percent of all bets are being placed via mobile phones, however, there is some indication that this number has gone up even higher with the football season now in full gear. 

Be sure to check out BetDSI.com and receive 20 percent in cash on your initial deposit (i.e. open an online betting account with $300, get an additional $60, it’s that easy.  In-progress live betting is also available. 

All betting lines appear below and are subject to change.


Here are the NFL week 2 betting odds:

CHICAGO +6½ -110 o47½ -110 vs NEW ORLEANS -6½ -110 u47½ -110

KANSAS CITY +8 -110 o45-110 vs DETROIT -8-110 u45-110

JACKSONVILLE +9 -110 o39 -110 vs NY JETS -9 -110 u39 -110

OAKLAND +3 EV o43 -110 vs BUFFALO -3 -120 u43 -110

ARIZONA +3½ -110 o45 -110 vs WASHINGTON -3½ -110    u45 -110

BALTIMORE -5½ -110 o38 110 vs TENNESSEE +5½ -110 u38 -110

SEATTLE +14 -105 o40½ -110 vs PITTSBURGH -14 -115 u40½ -110

GREEN BAY -10 -110 o47 -110 vs CAROLINA +10 -110 u47 -110

CLEVELAND -2½ -110 o39½ -110 vs INDIANAPOLIS +2½ -110 u39½ -110

SAN DIEGO +7 -110 o54½ -110 vs NEW ENGLAND -7 -110 u54½ -110

PHILADELPHIA -3 +110 o49 -110 vs ATLANTA +3 -130 u49 -110

And of course the Monday night matchup:

ST. LOUIS +6 -110 o43½ -110 vs NY GIANTS -6 -110 u43½ -110

Remember to visit the BetDSI blog and the sports news site they offer, both have the opinions of plenty of experts who knows how to handle the line and can give you good advices for the games.

Also simply deposit $100 or more and get a 20% reload. BetDSI covers fees for deposits $300 or more. Go join today and start winning!

- Dan Shapiro, Gambling911.com

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