Monday Night Football 49ers vs. Cardinals Line Close To Even

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Dan Shapiro
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Monday Night Football 49ers vs. Cardinals

The line on the Monday Night Football game for the 49ers vs. Cardinals had San Francisco anywhere from a -1 to -1.5 road favorite and the odds have not moved much all week long.  Spread action was just shy of 70 percent favoring San Francisco.  The OVER 40.5 was getting around 75 percent of the betting action. 

This will likely be one of the lowest rated Monday Night Football games of the season with two 3-7 teams looking to just save face over the remaining weeks.  Technically, either team can still make the Playoffs as this is pretty much the weakest division in the league.  Seattle was sitting on top at press time with a .500 record. 

The 49ers, who haven't been to the playoffs since 2002, opened with five consecutive losses and are coming off last Sunday's 21-0 defeat to Tampa Bay.

"It was a big setback," coach Mike Singletary said. "We expected to come out here and play well. We did not."

Arizona is hardly faring much better, losing 13-31 to Kansas City last Sunday.

"We are not really a confident team right now," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "I think it's a natural human emotion when you've lost five in a row and you've lost some of the games the way we have. It's definitely something that plays into it. This game is about momentum. It's about confidence and we don't have a lot to base positive things on here lately."

When it comes to Against The Spread trends, they really do not factor in here very much since the line on this game is so close to even.  Looking at past head-to-head action between these two teams should provide the most likely indicator of which side should win.

San Francisco won both games in this series last year.  Arizona won both games in this series the year before.  San Francisco won both games the year prior.

With both teams having identical records, it really is anybody’s guess who will pull this one off. won’t be going anywhere near this game.

- Dan Shapiro,

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