Where Can I Bet the Cheez It Bowl Game? Oklahoma vs. FSU

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Mary Montgomery
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Gambling911.com has the spread on the Cheez-It Bowl for 2022 between Oklahoma and Florida State.  This Bowl game takes place Thursday December 29 at 5:30 pm ET.  BetUS offers a generous welcome bonus for this bowl game - a FREE $250 when you deposit $200.  BetUS available for wagering on this bowl game most U.S. states 18 and up.


Beginning in 1990, the Cheez-It Bowl features tie-ins with ACC and Big 12.  The payout is a little over $6 million.

Who Do the Line Trends Favor?

The line on this game was set at +9.5.  It initially opened at +7.5 earlier in the month.

Important to Know Before Placing a Bet

It's been 22 seasons since the Sooners knocked off the Seminoles 13-2 to win the 2000 national championship.

Oklahoma vs. FSU Prop Bets

Rot     First Scoring Play of the Game     Moneyline
2009     Oklahoma TD         +170
2010     Oklahoma FG         +650
2011     Oklahoma Any Other Score         +5000
2012     Florida St TD         +105
2013     Florida St FG         +675
2014     Florida St Any Other Score         +5000
Rot     Winning Margin     Moneyline
2019     Oklahoma to win by 1-6 pts         +550
2020     Oklahoma to win by 7-12 pts         +1100
2021     Oklahoma to win by 13-18 pts         +1800
2022     Oklahoma to win by 19-24 pts         +3000
2023     Oklahoma to win by 25-30 pts         +4500
2024     Oklahoma to win by 31-36 pts         +6000
2025     Oklahoma to win by 37-42 pts         +9000
2026     Oklahoma to win by 43 or more pts         +10000
2027     Florida St to win by 1-6 pts         +425
2028     Florida St to win by 7-12 pts         +500
2029     Florida St to win by 13-18 pts         +550
2030     Florida St to win by 19-24 pts         +700
2031     Florida St to win by 25-30 pts         +1000
2032     Florida St to win by 31-36 pts         +1200
2033     Florida St to win by 37-42 pts         +1800
2034     Florida St to win by 43 or more pts         +1400
Rot     Double Result     Moneyline
2035     Oklahoma/Oklahoma         +400
2036     Oklahoma/Tie         +4000
2037     Oklahoma/Florida St         +550
2038     Tie/Oklahoma         +2500
2039     Tie/Tie         +4500
2040     Tie/Florida St         +1400
2041     Florida St/Oklahoma         +900
2042     Florida St/Tie         +4000
2043     Florida St/Florida St         -140

Mary Montgomery, Gambling911.com

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