How The World Cup Top Teams Recent Form Looks On Paper - Betting Analysis

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On June 14, 2018 the one of the world’s biggest sporting events kicks off! Second only to the Olympics, the FIFA World Cup kicks off for 2 weeks of the world best Soccer teams competing against each other for the greatest prize in soccer.

The draw has been officially made and we now know how is going to be facing who. While the vast majority of bookies have made odds available for the opening group stages there is still an immense opportunity for bookies to capitalize on the world cup.

Of course, there are so many ways that a bookie can capitalize on the World Cup aside from people just betting on the overall winners. We spoke to the operators of Premier Per Head and they said that at the last world cup they saw a huge influx of bets placed on many different options. Some of the most popular odds taken were those from group winner, group qualifiers, quarter finalists and semi-finalists.

If a bookie wants to make the most they can from the world cup then offering the broadest amount of opportunities is the best way that they will be able to profit from this 4 yearly event. You can even use a parlay system for instance where people can place bets on who will go through from the group stages to the final 16.

While there are no stand out favourites at this stage as that becomes clearer after the group stages who is on fire and who is misfiring. However, there are certainly some favourites to reach the last 16, but of course they are undoubtedly going to be some surprise victors and some huge upsets.

This summer’s world cup is sure to be a stunner and the run of form of the top teams in the run up to the tournament has been varied. Take a look at Premier Per Heads Top Team Form Guide for a brief overview of how the favourite teams have been performing.

As for all sportsbook and casino operators, this upcoming world cup represents an amazing profit opportunity as people all around the world will be wagering on their overall favourites and throughout all of the tournament.

Of course, for customers of the sportsbooks it also represents a great opportunity to place bets and win some amazing money. I would take the advice from Premier and keep a daily eye on the upcoming games and previous form of the teams so that you stand the best chance of making some great profitable bets.

We will be writing more about the world cup and where you should be placing your money as the kick off time approaches!

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