Bookies Can Promote Super Bowl 53 Betting & Make More For Preseason

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With only two weeks left in the NFL Preseason, online bookies should promote Super Bowl 53 betting. Odds on NFL teams to win this season’s Super Bowl have changed since preseason.

Check out odds and then check out ways to promote action on Super Bowl 53.

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Super Bowl 53 Odds

      +700                         New England Patriots

      +850                              Los Angeles Rams

      +1000                              Pittsburgh Steelers

      +1000                             Philadelphia Eagles

      +1200                             Green Bay Packers

      +1200                              Minnesota Vikings

      +1600                            New Orleans Saints

      +1800                        Los Angeles Chargers

How To Promote Super Bowl 53 Betting

The Houston Texans, Atlanta Falcons, and Jacksonville Jaguars offer odds of +2000. Pay per head agents could mention the Texans, Falcons, or Jaguars in their marketing messages about Super Bowl 53 betting.

However, that might not be the most effective way.

Four teams: New England, the Los Angeles Rams, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia can help bookies garner Super Bowl 53 betting dollars.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are +700 favorites. Although favored again to win the Super Bowl, New England is the highest-priced favorite it’s been in at least the past three years.

Those who honestly believe New England wins the Super Bowl this season should see the +700 odds as a gift.

LA Rams

The Rams just this week became the NFC favorite to win Super Bowl 53. Los Angeles is hot in sportsbooks.

Does your sports bettors want to pounce on the Rams at still decent +850 odds?

Pittsburgh Steelers

One of the most popular teams in the NFL for decades, Pittsburgh offers double-digit odds to win Super Bowl 53.

Your sports betting Pittsburgh fans might not know that the odds are so juicy on their team to lift the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Philadelphia Eagles

Philly was the second choice before the NFL Preseason started. At +850, Philly had a shot to overtake New England as the Super Bowl favorite.

Back-up quarterback Nick Foles hurt his shoulder in the Eagles’ second preseason game. Since Carson Wentz might not start Week 1, Philadelphia’s odds rose to +1000.

. They might beAt +1000, is Philadelphia a good bet to win Super Bowl 53?

Online bookies should tease that they might be in marketing messages.

Other Contenders:

It’s also easy to promote Super Bowl 53 betting via marketing messages around:

      Green Bay Packers (Rodgers returns),

      Minnesota Vikings (Can Cousins bring a Super Bowl),

      the Saints (a fluke play away from the NFC Championship last season),

      Chargers (hottest team in the second half of last season).

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