Can I Bet the FIFA World Cup Online From Mississippi Using Bitcoin?

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For this year's FIFA World Cup, the best way to place bets online from Mississippi will be with bitcoin using a cryptocurrency wallet that can be linked to one's banking account.  In May 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that individual states can offer legalized sports betting but must first develop regulatory instruments before doing so.  For now, a few dozen of internationally licensed sportsbooks will accept wagers on this year's World Cup.

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Mississippi is a very gambling-friendly state and is widely expected to be among the first to offer legalized sports betting, just not before this year's World Cup.

The state does hope to offer sports betting in time for College Football.  Mississippi has one of the most rabid College Football fan bases in the entire country.

The state is already looking at adapting laws and regulations.

No matter what happens, online gamblers will still need to set up accounts at offshore internationally-licensed betting sites as Mississippi will not be permitting mobile betting with their casinos anywhere outside the establishment.

Here’s the breakdown on mobile:

    (b) A book shall accept wagers only on its licensed premises, and only at betting stations or kiosks/terminals approved by the Executive Director or through an on-site computerized Wagering system that has been approved by the Executive Director.

However, players will be permitted to wager on their mobile devices within the confines of the casino:

    (c) For the purposes of this provision, the approved facility shall include any area located within the property boundaries of the casino hotel facility that the Executive Director determines is legal for gaming. This shall not include parking garages or parking areas of a casino hotel facility.

    (d) The Executive Director shall ascertain and ensure, pursuant to rules and regulations issued by the commission to implement mobile gaming pursuant to this provision, that mobile gaming shall not extend outside of the property boundaries of the casino hotel facility authorized for gaming.

That differs from the mobile setup in Nevada. In the Silver State, players go to a sportsbook, set up an account in-person, and then can bet anywhere within the state. In Mississippi, in-person setup still would be required, but without the benefit of off-site wagering.

    1. The player shall establish a wagering account through the property where mobile gaming will be conducted, and funds may only be deposited into the wagering account while the player is at the property where gaming is being conducted;

    2. Wagers shall only be placed within a facility approved by the Executive Director for mobile gaming; and

    3. The Executive Director authorizes the device application for mobile gaming; provided that the Executive Director may establish any additional or more stringent licensing and other regulatory requirements necessary for the proper implementation and conduct of mobile gaming as authorized herein.

Needless-to-say, Mississippi gamblers will need to rely on international websites to place all their World Cup bets


The online betting site will simply have you send them the special address/token obtained from the Bitcoin wallet or exchange.

You would select either SEND (to deposit funds) or RECEIVE (to withdraw funds).

Some exchanges allow customers to link directly with their bank accounts or PayPal.  The Bitcoin can be converted into the currency of your choice then transferred into your account in as little as 24 hours. 

You will want to verify all your information (including personal identification) with the exchange prior to sending and receiving funds.  Typically they will suggest setting up an authenticator on your mobile device for added security.

- Aaron Goldstein,

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