Can I Bet the FIFA World Cup Online From Brasil Using Bitcoin? Apostar Futebol

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Braziliex.com é o exchange para compra e venda de Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, MartexCoin, Bitcoin Cash, entre outras.

You can bet the FIFA World Cup from Brasil using bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by opening up an online wagering account and connecting a bitcoin wallet to a regional cryptocurrency exchange that can then be connected further to your bank account or other financial payment processing service.  It is important to tie in the wallet for security purposes as exchanges should never be used to store funds.

Along with Germany, Brasil is the co-favorite to win this year's World Cup, paying US$70 for every US$20 bet.

Brazil 7/2
Germany 4/1
Spain 6/1
France 6/1
Argentina 9/1
Belgium 10/1
England 16/1
Portugal 20/1
Colombia 33/1
Uruguay 33/1
Croatia 33/1
Russia 40/1
Poland 50/1
Mexico 80/1
Denmark 80/1
Switzerland 80/1
Sweden 100/1
Nigeria 150/1
Egypt 150/1
Senegal 150/1
Serbia 150/1
Japan 250/1
Morocco 250/1
Peru 200/1
Iceland 200/1
Australia 400/1
Costa Rica 400/1
South Korea 500/1
Tunisia 500/1
Iran 500/1
Saudi Arabia 750/1
Panama 750/1

- Alistair Prescott, Gambling911.com

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