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Susan Boyle

The online bookmakers will be hoping that Susan Boyle does not win this season's installment of Britain's Got Talent.  As big a sensation as Ms. Boyle had become, her odds at William Hill were only 5/6.

"The value is extraordinary!" argues Payton O'Brien of Gambling911.com. 

Nonetheless, this time last year, William Hill had favorite Paul Potts at 6/1 odds.

Susan Boyle is also listed with odds of 20/1 of becoming the UK contestant at Eurovision

"On paper, Susan cannot lose and we are even betting on who will play her in a Hollywood blockbuster," says William Hill spokesperson, Rupert Adams, in an interview with Betting Pro.

Boyle will perform once again on  Britain's Got Talent Sunday night.  The question is:  Could Susan Boyle's popularity be waning?

The hysteria surrounding 'The Hairy Angel' aka Susan Boyle finally appears to have calmed down, William Hill reps suggest.

"Too much publicity for Boyle's heavenly voice and hellish face may have caused her bubble to burst," they suggest.

Judging by the fact that millions of people around the globe are expected to tune in to hear Boyle sing, we would have to say "she's still bigger than life". ...though it will be the people of Great Britain who ultimately decide her fate.  Just days ago America voted for two underdogs in separate competition -Dancing With The Stars and American Idol - despite season long blubbering over both favorites from those shows.

For the first time ever, those living outside the UK will be able to watch Britain's Got Talent and Susan Boyle's performance via the Internet.

From The Telegraph:



ITV.com decided to make clips of the semi-final available throughout the world - rather than restricted to the UK as is usual - because of the level of interest in Miss Boyle, who lives alone in West Lothian with her cat Pebbles.

A source close to the show said: "You cannot vote if you are overseas - that wouldn't be fair - but people in America have been asking how they can watch it.

"ITV.com will be putting out clips that won't be 'geo-blocked'. If you watch clips on ITV.com or BBC iPlayer, you can normally only watch them in this country.

"But these clips will not be geo-blocked so people will be able to watch them overseas. I think ITV.com will be expecting to have had quite a lot of traffic on their site.

"There has never been this kind of international interest in our show before. Susan has captured America's heart."


Christopher Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher 

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