Susan Boyle Most Backed Britain’s Got Talent Contestant Ever

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Susan Boyle

The bookies have been watching the money flood in for this upcoming weekend's finale of Britain's Got Talent.  The show has made international headlines and is drawing viewers from across the globe thanks to singing sensation, Susan Boyle. reported this week that more than half its traffic related to Susan Boyle betting is originating from the United States, yet none of the online gambling sites had considered offering odds on her winning the talent competition until got into the act.   They offered the following Susan Boyle odds:

2009 Britain's Got Talent - Odds to Win

Susan Boyle -180

Any Other Contestant +140

These odds were available at

With more action coming in on Susan Boyle than any other Britain's Got Talent contestant in the history of this program, the United Kingdom bookies are bracing for massive losses.  Heading into Sunday's semi-finals, most of the bookmakers held Boyle at close to even odds.

William Hill spokesperson Rupert Adams said in a statement: "You have to feel sorry for all the other contestants as nobody can compete against this lady.

"She is going to cost the bookmaking industry millions.

"We continue to be astounded by the support we are seeing for Susan.

"People who have never had a bet before are risking hundreds on pounds on her victory. If Susan does not win it will be the biggest surprise in nearly 30 years of TV betting."

William Hill listed Susan Boyle as the -175 favorite (1.57, 4/7 odds). 


Christopher Costigan, Publisher 

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