Miss Universe 2009: Rachel Finch Still The Favorite

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Carrie Stroup
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Miss Australia 2009

At +500 (5/1) odds, Miss Australia Rachel Finch is still favored to win Sunday night's Miss Universe 2009 pageant, though Sportsbook.com gives perennial favorite Miss Dominican Republic shorter odds.   Only she and Miss Mexico enjoyed single digit odds (Miss Mexico came in at +800 odds). 

The beauty has already signed on to be part of Celebrity MasterChef Australia and now lingerie powerhouse Victoria's Secret, according to the Telegraph of Australia.

From the Telegraph:

The beauty has declined to talk about offers she has received but a manager associated with Finch, Grant Dwyer, said he was getting dozens of approaches every day from companies representing everything from cosmetics to racing.

All odds to win Miss Universe 2009 appear below (in alphabetical order) and were available at Sportsbook.com:

Miss Albania +1800

Miss Angola +8000

Miss Argentina +2500

Miss Aruba +6000

Miss Australia +500

Miss Bahamas +5000

Miss Belgium +2000

Miss Bolivia +8000

Miss Brazil +2000

Miss Bulgaria +12500

Miss Canada +4000

Miss Cayman Islands +3000

Miss China +7500

Miss Colombia +2000

Miss Costa Rica +1500

Miss Croatia +2500

Miss Curacao +3000

Miss Cyprus +10000

Miss Czech Republic +1200

Miss Dominican Republic +300

Miss Ecuador +3000

Miss Egypt +4000

Miss El Salvador +7500

Miss Estonia +10000

Miss Ethiopia +10000

Miss Finland +6000

Miss France +1200

Miss Georgia +10000

Miss Germany +3000

Miss Ghana +15000

Miss Great Britain +8000

Miss Greece +3500

Miss Guam +4500

Miss Guatemala +4000

Miss Guyana +15000

Miss Honduras +1500

Miss Hungary +1000

Miss Iceland +3000

Miss India +3000

Miss Indonesia +2500

Miss Ireland +2000

Miss Israel +10000

Miss Italy +4000

Miss Jamaica +1800

Miss Japan +1600

Miss Korea +10000

Miss Kosovo +6000

Miss Lebanon +2500

Miss Malaysia +6000

Miss Mauritius +6000

Miss Mexico +500

Miss Montenegro +10000

Miss Namibia +10000

Miss Netherlands +1200

Miss New Zealand +7500

Miss Nicaragua +4000

Miss Nigeria +10000

Miss Norway +6000

Miss Panama +2000

Miss Paraguay +4000

Miss Peru +2500

Miss Philippines +1800

Miss Poland +7500

Miss Puerto Rico +900

Miss Romania +10000

Miss Russia +1500

Miss Serbia +5000

Miss Singapore +5000

Miss Slovak Republic +2500

Miss Slovenia +15000

Miss South Africa +2500

Miss Spain +2500

Miss Sweden +4000

Miss Switzerland +2500

Miss Tanzania +6000

Miss Thailand +6000

Miss Turkey +7500

Miss Turks and Caicos +17500

Miss USA +1000

Miss Ukraine +1500

Miss Uruguay +15000

Miss Venezuela +1800

Miss Vietnam +2000

Miss Zambia +10000

Carrie Stroup, Gambling911.com Senior Reporter


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