Miss Ireland 2008 Miss Universe Odds Shortening

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Jordan Bach
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Miss Ireland 2008 Miss Universe

When all is said and done Miss Ireland could have single digit odds heading into the 2008 Miss Universe pageant Sunday night.

Miss Ireland Lynn Kelly was listed at +1400 odds or 14/1 for a payout potential of US$14 for every US$1 bet at  SBG Global  Originally Miss Kelly had odds of around 18/1.

The gorgeous brunette has made a big splash over in Vietnam and is now one of the favourites to take the crown at the final showdown there next month, Melanie Finn of  The Herald

Lynn's proud grandmother Anne told Finn that she always knew the beautiful Dubliner would do emerge victorious.

"Lynn is the second eldest grandchild and she's a great girl. She's a very level-head on her shoulders and she's well able to hold her own," she said.

"I had breast cancer for eight long, hard years and Lynn was one of my biggest supporters. It was a tough battle and Lynn was a great help to me over the years."

When asked what Miss Ireland loves to do in life she responded: "I love Irish Culture and everything my country represents. I am passionate about dancing; I am a professionally trained Irish dancer and I have danced for my country all over the world. I also love fashion and I love to design and make my own clothes when I have the time. I also enjoy debating and I have been elected to be the voice of the young Ireland at a couple of government debates."

Lynn wants to be a lawyer though and that could prove a turn off to the judges.

Still, at a 14/1 value....Lynn Kelly Miss Ireland 2008 is  a good bet..

SBG Global was anticipating more action on Miss Ireland since that nation's number one online sportsbook - Paddy Power - was not offering betting on the 2008 Miss Universe pageant.


Jordan Bach, Gambling911.com

Originally published July 12, 2008 10:47 pm ESt

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