Melissa Rivers Throws Sparky Collins a Curve Ball

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C Costigan
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Melissa Rivers

When's popular transgender reporter, Sparky Collins, first arrived in the United States by fleeing his native Cuba courtesy of a flimsy inner tube, the first words he learned were "f***", "woman", "s***", "money", "girls", "bar", "liquor", "party", "d***" and "p****".  Today, Sparky employs a rather sizable English vocabulary as a journalist for the website.  But like most individuals whose second language is English, Sparky is still learning some of those big words.

This week, Celebrity Apprentice castaway, Melissa Rivers, provided Sparky with a word he had never heard before:  "Whore Pit Viper".

"What that?  Some type of snake that likes to f*** all the time?" Sparky asked us.

We just looked at him, unable to offer up a definition.  After all, it appears the younger Rivers may have come up with a new vocabulary. 

Even poker pro, Annie Duke, for whom the "insult" was lodged against, wrote on her blog: 

"I am not exactly sure what a whore pit viper is but I hope it becomes the catch phrase of 2009."

In an ironic twist, Duke's own dad was a writer and linguist...and we seriously doubt that he ever used the terminology "Whore Pit Viper".

Don't worry Sparky, Uncle Sam won't be asking you for a definition of this term on your upcoming U.S. Citizenship test.

Nonetheless, is privileged to provide its readers with a definition of the term "Whore Pit Viper".

The definition:  "A cunning woman who acts in an underhanded manner while professing to give good b*** j**s."

Melissa had alluded to the idea that Annie was a "snake" while Annie herself last week admitted she gives good "b*** j**s".

There you have it.

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