G911 on Root: Host Challenges Jimmy Kimmel to UFC Style Vegas Fight (Listen Here)

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Tom Somach from Gambling911.com joined Wayne Allyn Root Friday evening to discuss the legalization of sports gambling in America (listen to the archived show here)

But things got interesting right off the bat with conservative host Root challenging late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel to a UFC-style Vegas fight between Liberals and Conservatives.

Kimmel has been thrust into the spotlight recently after revealing his newborn son would have to go through multiple surgeries for a congenital heart ailment.  This prompted Kimmel to speak in favor of  universal health insurance that does not discriminate against patients with preëxisting conditions.  He has come out against healthcare legislation introduced by Republicans this week.

"A lot of people have been saying that I'm not qualified to talk about this," Kimmel said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

"And that is true, I'm not qualified to talk about this, but I think those people forget -- Bill Cassidy named this test after me. Am I supposed to just be quiet about that?" he said.

Root held back zero punches Friday night.

“I want to go for it in the ring,” Root said.  “He’s a Vegas liberal.  He’s been threatening to fight with US Senators and fight with Brian Killmeade of Fox News because he didn’t like what he said.

“Well none of them are fighters, they are all wussies.  I will take you on Jimmy Kimmel!”

Root says that all monies will be donated to charities of his or Kimmel's choice.

“Liberals and Conservatives will finally be able to beat each other’s brains out,” Root added.

Somach chimed in that “the MGM just called.  They already have a line on the fight.”

Listen to the archived show here

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