David Letterman Divorce? Jimmy Fallon Fired? Odds Now Released

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David Letterman

BetUS.com, one of the world's largest online sportsbooks, has released betting odds on none other than late night talk show hosts David Letter, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno and Colin Ferguson, among others.

America has long been fascinated with its late night talk show hosts. Since the days of Johnny Carson there has been an insatiable thirst for more comedy and more special guests. In this new age of the 24 hour news cycle and celebrity and Hollywood gossip, fans want even more information - and they want it all the time! With the recent shakeup in line ups, hosts, and even David Letterman's upcoming wedding, the trend is only seeing an up-tick.

This being the case, the largest most successful sportsbook on the web, BetUS.com posted odds on all things Late Night, and the personalities who bring them to life.

Analysts at BetUS.com posted the following odds on all things Late Night Click Here For More:

When will Letterman divorce?

April - July   8/1

August - December  5/1

January - May 2010  3/1

June - December 2010   2/1

2011 or later  1/1

Odds on next child (Letterman)

Male   5/6

Female   5/6

Odds on talk show hosts to come out of the closet

Conan   2/1

Carson Daly   4/1

Colin Ferguson   7/1

Jay Leno   10/1

Jimmy Fallon   5/1

Ellen Degeneres (as hetero)   15/1

Oprah   8/1

Odds on when Jimmy Fallon gets fired

April - December   3/1

January - May 2010   2/1

June - December 2010   5/1

2011 or later   3/1

Odds that Tina Fey takes Fallon's job

Yes   3/2

No   1/2

Odds that Jimmy Fallon makes another movie with Drew Barrymore

Yes   5/6

No   5/6

Odds on next talk show host to have a child

Conan   5/1

Carson Daly   3/1

Colin Ferguson   6/1

Jay Leno   4/1

Jimmy Fallon   5/1

Ellen Degeneres (as hetero)   10/1

Oprah   15/1

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